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Team Favorites

Filed under: Behind the scenes

Aug 10, 2018

Filed under: Behind the scenes

Favorite child? Never. 

But favorite product, sure!
The E. Frances team chooses their faves and tells us why.  


Ali, Creative Director


This was the very first E. Frances card I saw come back from the printer with its shining foil spelling ALWAYS. The washy watercolor line started our entire company, so I'm eternally grateful for this one. 
Always card, $4.50


I also love our gift tags and use them all the time. My fave use is stringing it around the always-perfect hostess gift of booze. Heart Gift Tags, $12.00





Jenni, Director of Sales


But I have so many favorites!!!! YO PEAS has to be my number one. Because, well, they're just chilling' out, those peas.

Yo Peas cards, $4.50




Then I would say smiley little notes. WHO doesn't want to get a tiny message on that thing? Instant feel good to give and receive. But ask me tomorrow and I'll have another fave. :) Smiley Little Notes, $13.00



Oh wait- Moped Bunny! His butt, the curve of his toes, his lost band-aids!!!!
Speedy Recovery card, $4.50 










Pippi, Director of Operations 


I love the little laser-cut flat notes. They're just the right size to write a sweet note, so I don't have to write a novel! 

Laser-Cut Notecard Set, $16.00

My other fave is the GIANT Desk pads... they're glorious for lists and doodles and making my desk look gorgeous.

Giant Desk Pad, $36.00


Julie, Account Manager





So Glad You’re My Mom - because oh my heart! When I look at this card - here come the tears. 

So Glad You're My Mom card, $4.50

No Ifs Ands or Butts Notepad - love the little butts and love the little lines - my favorite to take notes on and always makes me smile!

 No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts Notepad, $14.00





Pam, Shipping Manager


#1 for me is Faith over Fear.....I find everything about it soothing, strengthening and beautiful. The color blend, the strong graphics and the simple message. 

Faith Over Fear card, $4.50 


I also love Waves Notepad. It makes me feel summery, cool and beachy. I use it at home to write notes on to my family and they always seem to sound nicer on that pad!

Waves Notepad, $16.00


Tabitha, Product Manager


The Flying Cake card reminds me of neapolitan ice cream at my grandmothers house.

Flying Cake card, $4.50

The Friends Forever card, makes me think of my bestie and I LOVE pink!

Friends Forever card, $4.50


Kate, Production Assistant

The Million Year Hug is so adorable– it makes me emotional. 

Million Year Hug, $4.50


I have the cotton candy notepad at home and it's so sweet and refreshing. My chores become less chore-like when I write on that notepad!






Cotton Candy Notepad, $16.00



We would love to hear YOUR favorites!

Email your fave and we might add it to that product's description!



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