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Any company is only as good as its employees. We lucked out.

Glen, Glenard

There is no finer (in our opinion) and more modest artist than Ali. Her artwork uniquely walks the line between beautiful and [ahem] cute. She always seems to know ahead of time what is going to be in fashion, which was apparent in 1988 when she was the first kid in the tri-state area to wear Tretorns. Studying Fine Art and Fashion Design at Mass College of Art, she was asked back to teach Fashion Illustration. While working as the designer at Boston Ballet, she married the tall, strapping cutie down the road in her Boston neighborhood, and they have two smart, funny, creative boys who think she paints too many bears. Some of Ali's loves include small talk, egg salad, and leftover scallops in a communal microwave.




Jenni's desk is inside only because her cord can't reach all the way down from the third floor so she can work at the picnic table out front. She has a hard time concentrating on nice days but ever the optimist, she starts her day ridiculously early to fit in all the things she (anally) needs to do everyday, including daily experimental brownies and a subsequent sweaty exercise. Don't be offended if you never see her out at night, because at exactly 07:59:59pm, her eyes glaze over and she's off to lu lu la la (awkward to find out in college that not everyone uses this name for bedtime). Studying Biology, she took a semester to sail on a schooner and never looked back, starting a career sailing private yachts and ended up in Newport selling sailboats. She married a dude from Vermont with whom she fell in love years before at a dance party. Fast forward to present day, they have two adorable and wildly energetic boys. Jenni keeps one pair of shorts in her closet so getting dressed in the morning requires no thought or time, and needs Pip's closet if something other than jean cut-offs are required.


Emily, Shopaholic 101, the Notorious P.I.P.

How does one logjam a high speed computer program? Have Pip type. The cursor will disappear and the computer will start to overheat in its frustration to try and display the letters as quickly as she's typing them. Hence the reason Pip is in charge of operations... everything gets done, and quickly. A graduate of Loyola, she taught Middle School in San Francisco with her witty Brit of a husband where they then relocated to RI to start her family of four... It's arguable that they have the two cutest little girls on the planet. She is secretly (or not-so secretly) styling and outfitting everyone she knows - in a good way...not a mean girls way (on Wednesday we wear pink!). She has a remarkable talent for making the fanciest coffee (she actually knows why s l o w l y pouring the water makes a difference), dances to remind herself to be nice on the phone, and exists on shopping, ice cream cones and candy.



Wixie, Prima Ballerina, JS-Niner

This NY native was our very first employee! From a very young age, it was apparent that classic ballet was her calling, and regardless if she's in a leotard or her furry slippers and sweatpants, it is wonderfully obvious that she is a ballerina. Nobody packs a box in a more perfect first position. After internationally traveling for dance for years, she studied at Simmons College in Boston, married a hot Naval Commander (!) and has two crazy cute blonde boys. Wixie has lived in so many cities around the country, we are all pretty jubilant that she has chosen to settle in Jamestown, RI for good! Her love of art is best summarized by the saying 'Earth without art is... eh.' Somehow, for some reason unfathomable to the rest of us, she is the only one in the office who is not plagued with a sweet tooth, so our ice cream socials always include salt & vinegar chips to keep her close.



Tabs, Mama Bear, She Who Answers all our Little Kid Questions

A Rhode Island native, petite Tabitha was inspired by an early love of classic glamour to study fashion design at Endicott College. She's been hitched for more than 20 years to a hunk of a husband and is veteran supermom to three gorgeous, talented and [mostly] well-mannered college students. But don't be fooled by those nurturing mama-bird tendencies, or her penchant for fancy things like antique china, Valentino silhouettes, and lush floral arrangements; this chick is one tough cookie. She is not only fiercely loyal, but a driven problem-solver obsessed with learning everything she can to improve life around her, with boundless energy and a positive outlook. And she is a damn fine cook. You should see us stare at the lunches she brings to work.


Nice Legs McDorr

Lovely Pam, our newest employee, we think might be made of sugar cubes. Except we never see her EAT any, so we're wondering how she is always so sweet. She joined the team in late summer of 2017, forever memorable by her enviable wardrobe of perfect linen pants. Pam owns the role of Shipping Captain here at E. Frances, which is funny because her husband is, of all things, a Shipping Captain. Aside from the huge job of being a Mom, Pam is also a Master Flower Gardener, which is just cool. We are hoping she'll have pity on our office plants and nurse them back to health. The office bubblegum/M&M machine is closest to her desk, yet she has yet to be seen reaching for it. Her willpower amazes us daily.


The Thoroughbred, Crazy Kate, Kitty Cat

What do you call a frisky filly with a belly full of laughter, enough sass to make a nun swear, and a big mouth that spits endless stories? Kate Mitchell, that's what! This untamed, corduroy-loving, Chuck Taylor-wearing critter gallops through life at full speed with her magical mane and tail streaming out behind her like fireworks. While in academia, this saucy student found pleasure studying historic preservation, French, art history, and philosophy. She follows the wise words of the those Greek toga-clad men by living by the motto that 'the unexamined life is not worth living'. Thus, she sees conformity as a fate worse than death, and could never be content just rotting in one place for the duration of her existence. Instead, this silly specimen dreams of building a tiny house and disappearing into the forest with her fat cat, Orion. Kate burst into the E. Framily in 2016, and has been traumatizing the staff with her firecracker personality ever since. Her fingers of lightning earned her the sexy title 'The Thoroughbred' within product development, and her coworkers can always count on her for a day full of sarcasm and weird jargon! 

Texan Allie, Moana

Social savior, planning champion, southern cohort. Texan Allie flew into our lives on her angel wings and wonderfully took over our social media. She is a true southern gentlewoman and does things like send flowers and say y'all in every sentence. Which begs the question... how does the South have a word that is used incessantly but has no translation? We certainly never say 'Hi, you all.' But our own Moana has a way of melting into our world from afar, and effortlessly handling things we find near impossible. Equally talented in writing and photography, she started her own company called Verb House Creative and crushes it for her clients... a list on which we feel very lucky to be found. Her Britishly-charming, soccer-playing, rapping husband, like us, fell in love with her frizzy hair.