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Favorite child? Never. 

But favorite product, sure!
The E. Frances team chooses their faves and tells us why.  


Ali, Creative Director


This was the very first E. Frances card I saw come back from the printer with its shining foil spelling ALWAYS. The washy watercolor line started our entire company, so I'm eternally grateful for this one. 
Always card, $4.50


I also love our gift tags and use them all the time. My fave use is stringing it around the always-perfect hostess gift of booze. Heart Gift Tags, $12.00





Jenni, Director of Sales


But I have so many favorites!!!! YO PEAS has to be my number one. Because, well, they're just chilling' out, those peas.

Yo Peas cards, $4.50




Then I would say smiley little notes. WHO doesn't want to get a tiny message on that thing? Instant feel good to give and receive. But ask me tomorrow and I'll have another fave. :) Smiley Little Notes, $13.00



Oh wait- Moped Bunny! His butt, the curve of his toes, his lost band-aids!!!!
Speedy Recovery card, $4.50 










Pippi, Director of Operations 


I love the little laser-cut flat notes. They're just the right size to write a sweet note, so I don't have to write a novel! 

Laser-Cut Notecard Set, $16.00

My other fave is the GIANT Desk pads... they're glorious for lists and doodles and making my desk look gorgeous.

Giant Desk Pad, $36.00


Julie, Account Manager





So Glad You’re My Mom - because oh my heart! When I look at this card - here come the tears. 

So Glad You're My Mom card, $4.50

No Ifs Ands or Butts Notepad - love the little butts and love the little lines - my favorite to take notes on and always makes me smile!

 No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts Notepad, $14.00





Pam, Shipping Manager


#1 for me is Faith over Fear.....I find everything about it soothing, strengthening and beautiful. The color blend, the strong graphics and the simple message. 

Faith Over Fear card, $4.50 


I also love Waves Notepad. It makes me feel summery, cool and beachy. I use it at home to write notes on to my family and they always seem to sound nicer on that pad!

Waves Notepad, $16.00


Tabitha, Product Manager


The Flying Cake card reminds me of neapolitan ice cream at my grandmothers house.

Flying Cake card, $4.50

The Friends Forever card, makes me think of my bestie and I LOVE pink!

Friends Forever card, $4.50


Kate, Production Assistant

The Million Year Hug is so adorable– it makes me emotional. 

Million Year Hug, $4.50


I have the cotton candy notepad at home and it's so sweet and refreshing. My chores become less chore-like when I write on that notepad!






Cotton Candy Notepad, $16.00



We would love to hear YOUR favorites!

Email your fave and we might add it to that product's description!