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The Little Note Project

Little notes were built to be used unsparingly: each box comes with 85 perfectly-sized cards, and each card can transformed into an act of kindness. 

You know how a little ripple in the ocean can turn into a tidal wave, right? Well, what if everyone started spreading tiny acts of kindness? What if one teeny ray of happiness started a tsunami of good vibes? 

Here are some lovely peeps doing just that. 

Audrey X started @littlenotesprojectnyc, and she leaves Little Notes with sweet words of encouragement all over New York City. 
instagram link here


Linda G. from xxx says: 

Dear E. Frances sisters,

I just received my order and I cannot thank you enough. It gives me such pleasure leaving an anonymous note on people's cars that it really makes my day and I hope it makes theirs as well. I have spread the word on your company. Thank you for making my day!

In fact, this morning (we have a winery so I make a lot of trips to the store to buy donuts when we are sorting) I saw a woman struggling to walk into the market so as she entered, I got out the little pumpkin note you sent me and wrote her a little note to have a beautiful day and as I was leaving, I saw her go to her car and pick up the note. If there were a happiness meter, both of ours would have skyrocketed. What you are doing is simply wonderful. Thank YOU.




PS  My friend since 3rd grade lost her husband in February to a rapidly spreading cancer. He was truly an ambassador of kindness, sitting with hospice patients weekly. I had posted about your mission on my Facebook page, she texted me last night saying she had just seen and had already placed an order (Kathy Greer).  Not to drone on, my another good friend of mine is doing the same random acts of kindness ( I feel a good change coming on! Have a great day.