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Our Story


The story of three sisters, two grandmothers and a bubblegum factory. 

Well, it's technically two sisters and one cousin, but sisters always seemed a more appropriate term; when that cousin was small the whole family worried that she might never learn to walk because the other two never put her down. So the three grew up in the typical way: best buds, sharing jokes, dances and finishing each other’s sentences and baked goods. So after years of speculating how to work together, use Ali's artwork, and spread positive energy, Ali started a greeting card company and brought Jenni and Pippi in soon after.

Named after their beloved Grandmothers, Elizabeth and Frances, 
Ali started production in her tiny office in 2012, and then moved into the guest room where we clearly remember guiding Dad through the boxes to find the bed ("just past birthday, there's a path in there to the left"). We then moved to, and actually worked in, a self storage space with no electricity. Next was Pippi's house, where the attic and its three flights of stairs was a joyful tradeoff from the storage unit, but then quickly outgrew that and moved down to the basement. Finally the perfect space was found in an renovated gum factory in Newport, Rhode Island. (Take a tour here!)

Working together every day, creating and growing a business, and hopefully making products that make people very happy is such a blessing. We pinch ourselves daily. One of the most amazing feelings is creating jobs, not only for ourselves but for women in our community. To be able to see smiling faces come to work and then PAY them is such an honor. 

We strive to make all of our products remarkable, both in quality and message. We all feel that one of the best gifts you can give back to the world is to spread positive energy, so we hope your experience with E. Frances Paper is happy and full of indubitable positivity.

We are all very happy that you have visited E. Frances Paper and hope you love our products as much as we love creating them.

 3 Girls 
The E. Frances Crew (Meet us all!)