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Customer Love

Our love for our customers knows no bounds.
The fact that these customers took the time to send us these kind words fills us to the brim with happiness. 



I just got my first shipment from your company and I just had to tell you how adorable it was and how happy I am - the inclusion of extra cards, a gift tag, and the adorable wrapping made it such a treat!! Thank you for the smiles!!

Jonina S.



"I just wanted to tell you that when I received and opened my order today it felt like someone had sent me a present. Thank you very much for the care that went into packing my cards and for the sweet bonus items — WHICH I LOVE — that I was so happy to discover inside. I have been drawn to your designs since first coming across them — seeing that your company is called E. Frances (my only child is named Ella Frances) it has been easy for me to remember and seek out your products. Based on both your work and your customer service, I wish I could work with/for you!

I have been grateful to be able to order from you during this strange and unsettling time in which we are living. I know it is important to support small businesses, but I just wanted to tell you that your packages and customer service make me feel like I am being supported right back."

Amy H.



"In this ‘sterile’ email/IM/Snapchat or whatever world....your product is heartwarming and clever!"

Angela C.



"I ordered a few of the Socially Distant postcards a couple weeks ago to send to my family. Everyone absolutely loved them. I returned today and purchased 80 of the postcards to send to each of my students so that they know how much I miss them. Thank you for making cards so beautiful to show my students how much I love and miss them."

Sheryl P.



 "I am completely obsessed - thank you so much for such lovely products, and for the generous extras!  I'm so looking forward to sharing them in my "daily mail" to friends and family while WFH and sheltering in place.  Such sweet ways to connect!"

Julie M.



"A note to say how your package arrived and brought a smile a mile wide across my face. Cuteness everywhere! I love your products and your attention to the little details are sweet! Thank you for your thoughtful practices!"

Deborah D.



"Can I just tell you how wonderful your cards are?  Since social isolation began, I’ve started writing notes to people, old school via the US Mail.  Your cards are the absolute best!  Everybody who’s received one from me has instantly responded with a hearty thanks and a “where did you get that amazing card???”  So thank you for helping to brighten up this disorienting time we find ourselves in."

Joy B.



"My order just arrived, and I am so thrilled with everything.  I love the way you wrap each item. It was like opening presents to myself.  I will definitely be ordering again and also telling people about your precious company.  Thank you so much."

Nancy B.



"I wanted to express my deep & sincere thanks for these cards which have given me a way to send love, light & humor to many family & friends during this time of great suffering in our country. I keep ordering them because I’ve heard from so many people about receiving my mailed Emu Encouraging card & the joy it has brought them. I love your company! I love your big, humanitarian heart! I just want you to know that you are all heroes too!

I’ve just ordered more to give to essential employees at our local businesses who keep us fed & keep us safe. I’m determined to spread your message of hope!  Thank you very much!"

Julie J.



"Can I just tell you that I honestly believe I’m your biggest fan!!!!???

I’ve told all my friends about the quality and also the beautiful illustrations.

Please keep doing what you’re doing, because with every illustration you “nailed it” and the quality is a “home run” and I promise to keep visiting the little shop and supporting you both.

Happiest Customer Always,




"Always a happy day when something from E. Frances arrives!!!"

Lindsay H.



"These things are addictive!"

Karen H.
Mason, OH



"My sister handed these out to co-workers and told me how it positively affected their office environment. I ordered for my husband's company and they were also a huge hit!"

Mary W.
Vienna, VA



"Just received your package in the mail. Can't tell you how joyful it is to open a fun tissue wrapped present with cute colorful tape and extra little goodies inside. I buy your beautiful cards to give away, and you send me a little sprinkle of joy in the process. Thank you."

Vicki E.
Vienna, VA



"May I say that it is such a pleasure doing business with you. I love your products and your service. I just opened my order and it seemed steeped in joy and care."

Catherine F.
Tunbridge, VT



"I love love love your notes! I put them in my to-be-4th grader's lunch box every day... Keep making wonderful little notes - sending them with my son every day makes every day for me a bit brighter."

Andrea T.
Beverly, MA



"More fun than you can shake a stick at! Just opened my box, and I gotta tell ya, haven't had this much fun in far, far too long. Exquisitely-crafted cards, lovingly wrapped, and the best little goodies a body could hope for. Tried the little boxed love notes, and I LOVE THEM. Especially the bonus-whales that rode the waves in with the rest. You guys are great! Am feelin' the love, my friends! THANK YOU!"

Kelley R.
Winfield, IL




"I received my order & everything about it is perfection! Thank you so much."

Kate M.
Palm Desert, CA



"After a hectic day of teaching 3rd graders, I arrived home to find my box of goodies and couldn't help but smile as I opened each lovingly-wrapped item. Everything is as charming as depicted on your website and I so appreciate the little extras that were added to the box! I am thrilled to be a new customer and so glad I found you :-)"

Jodie G.
Ventura, CA



"I just got this lovely order in the mail, and first of all, let me just say, LOVE these cards. Dove into the deep end to purchase the Little Notes and I am NOT disappointed in the possibilities and the quality. I was hoping to use [the "Adventure Awaits" cards] to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids :) It’s such a beautiful card that I do feel like you can use it for any occasion."

Serena C.
San Francisco, CA



Eagle landed/package arrived yesterday! In plenty of time for V-Day! Perfect!  Thank you so much! I gave a pack of the Little Notes to a friend for her bday. She loved them. Little Notes evoke BIG love! Thanks again and Happy Valentine’s to you!"

Beth F.
Philadelphia, PA



Many thanks, really unexpected. The Little Notes were a huge success in Australia, perfect present for a bunch of school friends at our 60th class reunion. Thanks again, love to all."

Pippy B.
Sydney, Australia



“I love your products. Saw the Little Notes mentioned in Real Simple Magazine and ordered them as stocking stuffers for my daughter and husband since they put notes in their kids' lunch boxes every day. So cute!"

Jeanne J.
Spokane, WA



“I just received my order... everything is BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. Hugely grateful, will order more and more and more..."

Bernadette B.
Spokane, WA



“I just happened to find your website a couple weeks ago. I'm in love with what you offer. This evening I placed my first order and I know I will be ordering again. Wishing you much luck and satisfaction with your business. I know you made me very happy."

Susan B.
Marshalltown, IA



“Received my goodies in the mail today. Love, love, love everything, you clever ladies. Thank you."

Janice C.
Plandome, NY



“I just wanted to share the latest purpose for my Little Notes. As I mentioned, I'm on the Board of Family House (www.familyhouseinc.org), a pediatric guest house for children undergoing life-threatening illnesses and being treated at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in San Francisco. As the parents leave Family House each morning to see their children in the hospital, I thought they might like to grab a word of encouragement, so I've been using your Little Notes to write a word or phrase they can just pull out of the fish bowl. Thank you for your wonderful cards and Little Notes."

Linda G.



“I just have to tell you ladies... I placed my first order with you and when I got the package I was smiling from ear to ear. It was so cute the way you packed and wrapped everything that I put it all back in the box so I could open it over again! It's been a rough couple months with some family passing away, and I just had to tell you how much that made me SMILE! I love your products and hooray for you!!!!!!!!!!"

Corvallis, OR



“I was very happy when I opened my shipment from you today.  My items were so beautifully wrapped and it was a joy taking my time opening each item!!  I also want to tell you that I have had no end of compliments on the popsicle Little Notes. I used them this summer for all sorts of things, including a message to my mailman (today) to put the package inside the door!

Thank you again!! These extra sweet details are so appreciated!  Of course I will look forward to the next order!!”

Madison, WI 



"LOVE your products / company! I bought a pack of note cards with cute little crabs wearing striped shirts while in Larkspur, CA ... and, can hardly take my eyes off of them! Also, a VW bug notepad - so adorable! So glad I found you!"




"This is my first time viewing your website and I just realized I have been buying pieces from you at different places and never knew it was the same company until I found everything here! I am obviously very drawn to your work and just wanted to let you know and that you products are beautiful. Thank you for making such awesome stationery."



"As always, everyone loved E. Frances things at our last show!  We always love to hear people tell us what they love about your products …. one lady said she used the little notes to write a Bible verse on and give to her granddaughter; another is a school teacher and bought the bubble fish little notes to write notes to her students on! There also was a 10 year old girl who spent a long time looking at all the little notes before she picked the popsicle ones along with 3 Le Pens in colors that matched perfectly.  She proudly purchased them with her own money.  Her mother then shared with us that her daughter waits every year to purchase little notes from us and she checks the E Frances website all the time to see what the newest designs are.  Oh my gosh, my heart melted!"

Chapel Hill, NC



"Dear E. Frances sisters,

I just received my order and I cannot thank you enough. It gives me such pleasure leaving an anonymous note on people's cars that it really makes my day and I hope it makes theirs as well. I have spread the word on your company. Thank you for making my day!

This morning (we have a winery so I make a lot of trips to the store to buy donuts when we are sorting) I saw a woman struggling to walk into the market so as she entered, I got out the little pumpkin note you sent me and wrote her a little note to have a beautiful day and as I was leaving, I saw her go to her car and pick up the note. If there were a happiness meter, both of ours would have skyrocketed. What you are doing is simply wonderful. Thank YOU."

Linda G.



"Hi - I purchased the "Dear Baby" card today to frame in my son's nursery.  My husband and I call him Bear - he's just over a year. The card says it all in the most beautiful way."




"Just discovered your cards....LOVE THEM'!!! The artwork and sentiments are wonderful and speak to my heart and soul."  




"I want to tell you, the actual cards and notepads are even better in hand! It was like receiving a gift to receive my cards and notepads, all wrapped up so lovely!

I feel like I received a gift, the day I found your shop online -- that day was my lucky day!! WAHOO I FOUND E. FRANCES PAPER COMPANY!!!!!!"