A Look Inside an E. Frances Paper Package

A Look Inside an E. Frances Paper Package

What goes into an E. Frances Paper box? After ordering that birthday card for your bestie and social notes for Mom, you may have noticed a few unexpected details about your package upon delivery. That’s because we want our paper products to arrive in a way that delights you!

1. Padding. Imagine getting into bed at night… but just on the box spring, with no mattress! We make our products comfortable during the journey to you by setting cushy layers of brown paper padding at the base of every box. This prevents items like notepads from getting damaged. The only thing missing is a teddy bear!

2. Tissue paper. What is it about tissue paper that makes things so… exciting? Maybe it’s because we relate it to birthday parties and the holidays, but that doesn’t mean that the everyday can’t be celebrated, too. As the saying goes… “treat yo self!” And the speckles on our paper are just so… spot on.

3. Ribbon. There’s something so satisfying about a perfectly tied symmetrical bow. And two notepads bedding together for their journey ought to be snuggled in together with pretty ribbon playing matchmaker!

4. Washi Tape. To reduce the amount of plastic waste on our planet, single cards are grouped together and placed in a brown paper bag rather than plastic cellophane. If that’s already not great enough, each paper bag is sealed closed with an adorable piece of washi tape for a finishing touch. Aw!

5. Love. We strive to express the gratitude that we have for our customers, but sometimes words just aren’t enough. So included in orders are bonuses like Little Notes samples and special discount codes for new and returning customers!

We look forward to prepping the next order that you place with E. Frances Paper for shipment. It’s a lot of fun for us along the way, too! Here’s just some of the great feedback we’ve received.

…brown paper packages tied up with strings!

“I just have to tell you ladies... I placed my first order with you and when I got the package I was smiling from ear to ear. It was so cute the way you packed and wrapped everything that I put it all back in the box so I could open it over again!” 
—Kim, Corvallis, OR

“I was very happy when I opened my shipment from you today.  My items were so beautifully wrapped and it was a joy taking my time opening each item!! Thank you again!! These extra sweet details are so appreciated! Of course I will look forward to the next order!!”
Susan, Madison, WI