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What to Write in a Mother's Day Card

Filed under: what to write in a card

Apr 05, 2023

Filed under: what to write in a card

Mama birds, man. Imagine making a structurally sound, cozy dwelling using only your MOUTH and little bits of things you find in the yard? Finding the right words to tell your mom just how much she means to you can be hard…. Where to even begin? Blank card panic is real, so we put together some ideas to help you put pen to paper to show mom just how much she means to you.

Beautiful, simple, and perfect sentiments for any mother you know, not just your own

You are an amazing mother
Thanks for everything
Thanks for loving me through all my phases
You are an inspiration to me
I’m so glad you’re my mom
Thanks for raising me
Thanks for teaching me…
Thanks for the great genes
My favorite memory of growing up is when…
Thank you for filling our lives with love

Biology can be overruled. Here are some ideas for what to write to a mother figure who didn’t give you actual genes

I’m so grateful to have you in my life
You inspire me
I’m so lucky to have you as my unofficial mom
Thanks for always being there for me
I know I can always count on you

    Those early days… so much sweetness, snuggling, and so much spit up! Every new mom deserves to be showered with love and appreciation 

    You’re doing great
    Happy first Mother’s Day
    I’m so proud of you
    I’m so proud of the mom you’ve become
    (holding the baby so she can take an actual shower is a great idea too)

      Now that you know what to write, browse our Mother's Day card collection for the perfect card.




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