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This business isn’t anything without the people who make it run. 

Meet the team who makes our company tick and our hearts beat.


Chief Creative Officer
There is no finer (in our opinion) and more modest artist than Ali. Her artwork uniquely walks the line between beautiful and (ahem) cute. She always seems to know ahead of time what is going to be in fashion, which was apparent in 1988 when she was the first kid in the tr-state area to wear Tretorns. Studying Fine Art and Fashion Design at Massachusetts College of Art, she was asked back to teach Fashion Illustration. While working as the designer at Boston Ballet, she married the tall, strapping cutie down the road in her Boston neighborhood, and now they have two smart, funny creative boys who think she draws too many bears. Some of Ali’s loves include small talk, egg salad, and leftover scallops in the communal microwave.
Chief Executive Officer
Jenni’s desk is indoors only because her  cord can’t reach all the way outside. She has a hard time concentrating on nice days, but ever the optimist, she starts her day ridicuously early to fit in all the things she (anally) needs to do everyday, including daily experimental brownies and a subsequent sweaty exercise. Don’t be offended if you never see her out at night, because at exactly 07:59:59pm her eyes glaze over and she’s off to lu lu la la (awkward to find out in college that not everyone uses this name for bedtime.) While studying biology in college, Jenni took a semester to sail on a schooner and never looked back, starting a career sailing private yachts and ended up in Newport selling sailboats. She married a dude from Vermont with whom she fell in love with years before at a dance party. They now have two adorable and wildly energetic boys.  
Chief Operations Officer
 How does one logjam a high speed computer program? Have Pip type. The cursor will disappear and the computer will start to overheat in its frustration to try and keep up with her superspeed. Hence the reason Pip is in charge of operations.... everything gets done, and quickly. A graduate of Loyola, she taught middle school in San Francisco, the city where she met her witty Brit husband. They relocated to Rhode Island to start their family... it’s arguable that they have the two cutest girls on the planet. Pippi (named this by her family when she was tiny because she was just cutest little pip) is secretly (or not-so-secretly) styling and outfitting everyone she knows- in a good way- not a Mean Girls way (on Wednesday we wear pink!) She has a remarkable talent for making the fanciest coffee (she actually knows why s l o w l y pouring the water makes a difference), dances to remind herself to be nice on the phone, and exists on shopping, ice cream cones, and candy.  
Account Manager

Beach, Prosecco, Tortola :)
Inventory & Production Manager

Maryann: Outside. Sun. Ahhhh.
Operations Team
Like the sweet flower she is, Pam is happiest in her garden. 
Production Team
Michelle's happy place is on the beach with her baby dogs. 
Shipping Team
Baby boy, beer, butt on beach = happy.
Assistant Graphic Designer
Happiness for Sophie is holding her brand new baby girl! (And sleep.)
Production & Shipping Team
Rob + live music = happiness. (Also, SO fun to see this handsome face without a mask!)
Production Team
Laura's happy place?
Puppy in one hand, taco in the other.  (Oh hiiii! So that's your beautiful face without a mask!)
Shipping Team
Four season beach walker!
Production Team
Kathleen's happy place is anywhere with her family (she has a great one!)
Production Team
Amie's love is being with her boys. (There's that beautiful Irish face that's been hiding behind the mask!)
Production Team
If you listen closely, you can hear the Vermont woods calling her home. 
Danni is always surrounded by flowers, literally or figuratively!
Public Relations
PR rock star extraordinaire!