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Filed under: Caption This

Nov 13, 2017

Filed under: Caption This

One of the things we're most excited about sharing on our new website is all this funny artwork that Ali paints and we don't yet know how to use. We often have all these wonderful paintings but our brains are can’t find the perfect words.


This gentleman is so endearing, his blushing cheeks, paternal case… but what to say? To what event could an onion be late, and what the heckity kind of card would he go on? But goodness, we want to use him somehow. I’m sorry I missed your sauté?

And another bear. Oh, hi. Our cute Italian Grandpa’s shorts used to fit exactly like that.

We recently held a contest for this one. Our entrepreneurial hen, her little feathery finger tap tap tapping on her booth. FRESH EGGS seemed like she was selling her children. And we couldn't think beyond that so we reached out for help.

Some of the finalists: ‘The Doctor is IN, 2 Pecks.’ ‘Time for a chick chat.’ But our favorite, entry by Michael Wezwick, ‘KISSING BOOTH. Tastes like chicken.’ When we do print this card, Michael better be ready to pucker up, because Henny Penny is going to be the only card he sends out for a long time.

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