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Behind the scenes: Photos of Photos

Filed under: Behind the scenes

Nov 15, 2017

Filed under: Behind the scenes

We have worked with some amazing photographers in our history, and have always been in awe of this art form. It’s truly amazing the difference a great photographer can make, and we know well enough to always hire this out, as it is sure as can be a skill we do not possess. However, there are times when necessity dictates, and we find ourselves playing make believe photographers. We invariably volley between laughing so hard we shake in silence, to getting so frustrated that the light is somehow blue or yellow or dull or ‘wave pip, your reflection is perfectly clear’. Really these exercises turn into nothing more than honing our skills in Photoshop, that glorious Savior on High.

Anyways, we thought it would be cool to explain the process of making the photos we have throughout this website. They are real photos, which may or may not be apparent. And dammit we want you to know they’re real after all this baloney.

 Ali paints something adorable, we cut it out, stand it up, invest in 3M for the scotch tape we use, and photographatize it. The hope is that they look real and story-booky, and their 3D-ness and shadows make the darn things even cuter. The funny part of these days comes in when we are setting up. How do we get a balloon to hang like it’s really floating? Well, we grab a very large vacuum tube tool that we use for many things around here, tape the bejeezus out of it, and try to snap a still pic in between convulsions of laughter because the vacuum tube is approx. 65 times larger than it needs to be. An unfolded paperclip would have been sufficient. But when you’re lying on the floor, nearly buried in scraps of cut paper and tape, and that vacuum tube is right there, well, you grab it once again, even if you pee as you tremble to hold it still.

We hope you enjoy the finished product, and want to say thank you to those who do this for a living. Seriously HOW do you get the light right?????

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