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Partnership: Chasing Paper

Filed under: partnerships

Nov 15, 2017

Filed under: partnerships

We can't stop happy dancing. As seen on Domino (!), our "affordable removable wallpaper is a decor commitmentphobe’s dream, and [today Chasing Paper's] colorful new collection is about to make that dream a reality. In partnership with paper goods company E. Frances Paper, Chasing Paper has created a watercolor-inspired line of temporary wallpaper that makes no-fuss decorating a breeze.

Available in three unique prints to suit a wide range of decor aesthetics, the collection includes both vivid and subtle options. “Spring Leaves,” available in a deep navy as well as a lighter green-and-white colorway, features a lily pad-inspired design that is a welcome respite from the ever-popular palm leaf pattern. A more neutral print called “Waves” comes in both gray and navy and will add just a hint of boldness to spice up a room. Finally, the playful “Vintage Cars” pattern is perfect for a child’s room." Peep at the designs below and then RUN over to Chasing Paper to get your favorite design.

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